God Is Alive

Testimony: God Lives!

Michelle’s testimony “God Lives!” on 7/26/2015, 6:47am…
I was born to a Christian family but still wasn’t close to God. As we lived in places where there were few Christians and because we did not dedicate our lives to God and only came to him in times of trouble , we hardly went to Church , being Christians!
Suddenly trouble came , life changed in our family. My brother got ill…had a major surgery and later on ..he discontinued school..he was filled with mental ailments including anger. Our lives became miserable. I was a kind of person in those days (when i was about 11 years old) who followed the footsteps of my elder sister. When she said her fav colour is pink…i would say me too!!…She did not believe in God, i felt it was cool to follow that same belief…that God doesn’t exist. My father knew this thing about us…but did not entertain the thing as he had a close relation with God in his college time depressions and all. Though my parents knew the importance of God , they couldn’t inculcate the Christian values in us from childhood. We took our religion for granted. When my brother was ill , we were living in a place where my parents were troubled because of a lot of politics going on in my father’s work. We were stunned by the sudden turn-around in our lives. More than my parents, it was us , their 3 children who were quiet disturbed in our hearts..bcos we were having a wonderful time in our lives before all these things took place. Then was when we really started to pray…everyday in the dining table..we prayed to God for a posting from where we were living. Usually my father has a tenure of 3 years to complete in a place for his job but we had only completed one year , the possibility of getting a transfer was very low but we prayed. Then suddenly , my father gets a call and the person on the other side says..that my father is TRANSFERRED to another place!! sister started jumping literally and then my father said to her..”I told you that God you believe in God?” She replied “Yes”. That was the first BIG miracle in our FAMILY. ( before this my father had miracles in his own life too) . The place where we were posted out was none other than in our native state. After this several …MANY miracles took place in our lives..just because we knew that we have the perfect redeemer in our lives and had FAITH in him. GOD is great! I can never be disappointed with him. He has a plan which may start from the minute you start praying. He is great in his mercies and also in forgiveness. I seek to understand him more and get the right wisdom.

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